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Not all homeowners have the luxury of a large space, and those that do, look out for a new way to maximize their space. That is why we put together, tips to help you to Maximize Your Living Area PAINT Use lighter or neutral colors to allow your furniture and accessories to stand out. Because of […]
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Edge Vintage Ileya Promo

Thinking of Investment in Property? We are the right people to call.You can own a plot of land with just #1.8m, as Edge Vintage by Edge Breakers offers an Ileya promo discount on every plot of land you buy between now and July 31st.Don’t miss out on this Ileya discount promo!Remember “Landlords grow rich in […]
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Things To Look Out For When Viewing A Property

When buying a home, you and your family have a lot of decisions to make. Do we want one story or two? How far from work are we willing to live? Fixer-upper or turnkey? Pool or no pool? The list goes on. Speaking of lists, to make keeping track of all these decisions easier, we’ve […]
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Land Title

LAND TITLE Title in real estate is defined as someone who has legal ownership and a right to use their piece of property. A legal title can be applied to almost anything, but most people use it when referring to automobiles and real estate. This is because they’re big purchases that can often have complicated […]
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residential real estate

Will you invest in Residential or Commercial Real Estate?

Residential real estate includes the purchase, rehabilitation, and sale of single-family residences. Despite the fact that the real estate market is made up of buyers and sellers, there are numerous motivations for people to purchase and sell property. Some people do it as a means of accumulating wealth. Active real estate investing, on the other […]
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