Hacks That Make The Home-Buying Process Simple

Get Your Finances in Order Early :

The first lesson in buying a house is to start tracking your finances. You’ll want to know where you stand in terms of monthly expenses, savings, and income.

Make a list of everything you have coming in and coming out. The sooner you know what you’re spending money on, the better visibility you’ll have. This worksheet can help you gauge how much you need to budget for moving and closing.

  • Make a checklist

All buyers think that they know what they want. You can’t know your options without extensive online research and seeing a handful of homes. Your dream home, and what you can buy, may conflict. Once you know how much you qualify for, and how much you are comfortable spending, research homes only in your price range. Looking at a higher price range always leaves you disappointed. No matter what your price point is, as a buyer we always want more. 

Write a priority list: 1. Price 2. Location 3. The number of bedrooms etc. 

What is flexible, what can you or can’t you live without? Your priorities will evolve as you see homes. What you thought you loved, you don’t, or your list will change.

  • Interview agents

You have a right to hire an agent who you feel has your interests at heart and whom you like working with. Not everyone is the right fit, some personalities might turn you off. You’ll want an agent who has the experience and understands your communication style, and your world. This is your most important investment; you want to hire hands that guide and educate you in making good decisions. You’ll want an agent who listens to you, gives you honest feedback, and trust your advice.

  • Thinks Long-Term

You should hire an inspection that will be able to find problems that you wouldn’t notice. Also, consider this question.

Are you planning to have kids?

Will you be taking care of elderly relatives?

  • Visit Neighborhoods

During your home hunt, you’ll want to start working with your realtor to narrow down your search areas. Do you want a waterfront property or access to Haliburton lakes? Maybe you are looking near Minden.

Wherever you’re thinking, talk with your realtor about where you’re most interested and start there. You can even walk around different areas on the weekends to get a feel for them.

I hope you find these tips Helpful

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