Adding Value To Your Property Before Selling

Did you know? In real estate, ROI is largely influenced by two things which are

  • the demand

  • it’s location
  • However, every house has the potential to sell big regardless of the factors mentioned above. For you to sell big, here are seven (7) ways you can add value to a property before thinking of selling.

    1. Brighten up the bathroom

    The bathroom is another part of the home that can produce a tremendous ROI, and the work doesn’t have to be major to get some extra value for your property. Sure, a complete overhaul would be fantastic, but even small changes such as new taps or fitting a heated towel rail can make a big difference, too. 

    Light is important in a bathroom as well, so be sure to paint or tile with colors that make the most of whatever natural light you have (if any). Freshly painted, white bathrooms always look great, and with the help of a big mirror, your natural light will be accentuated nicely.

     2. Ensure that the house is properly finished:

    When selling your home, it is crucial to think about appearances, and there is none more important than the first impression. The front of your property is the first thing that buyers see, and trust us in the property market, people do judge a book by its cover. 

    So, renovate the front door, and the front lawn, clean the windows, and tidy the driveway! It is simple things like this that will help elevate your property’s curb, appeal and encourage potential buyers to feel positive about the home before they set foot inside. A bit of exterior lighting and well-kept shrubbery can go a long way in the right season. And, if you can, hide the bins! 

     3. Spend more on the kitchen:

    Nothing adds value to a beautiful kitchen, so if you are ruminating over where to invest your money, it’s always wise to start there. Kitchens have become the focal point of the home and many of us live in them these days.

    Therefore, it makes sense to update this part of your property as a priority. When choosing kitchen appliances, go for the latest models as this will help beautify the kitchen and make sure that your upgrade has parity with the rest of the home.

    Spending vast amounts of money on a kitchen in a property at the lower end of the market isn’t going to work out well. Equally, not spending enough on a more expensive home can have disastrous results too, so make sure that what you spend fits what your property demands.

     4. Paint the exterior

    This is one of those small jobs that make a big difference, especially if you do it before you’re ready to sell. The return on investment (ROI) from carrying out this task can be huge if you go down the DIY route, but even if you get the professionals in to give your home a lick of paint, you’ll be adding value to your home. 

    5. Get planning permission

    Securing planning permission on a property can be a brilliant way to add value to your home, even if you have no intention of using it yourself. Simply by having the agreement in place, your home will become significantly more attractive to buyers who are willing and able to extend or convert the property. For what it costs, gaining planning permission can be a great way to add a little extra to your asking price.

     6. Basic repairs should be carried out continuously:

    Potential buyers will most likely want to pay lower than your expectation if they’re too many repair works to be done after procurement.

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